About Us

Imagine yourself as a ripple on a calm lake. Then, imagine other people around you as other ripples. See the resonance between your ripple and other ripples.  Visualize everything around you (houses, furnitures, pets, plants, earth, stars, galaxies, etc) as ripple and feel the resonance between you and everything else. 

Then take "you" and "others" out of all this. Nothing but Resonance.  Buddhist call this state "Emptiness."  By practicing Resonance Art, we can cultivate our heart to stay in this state in every moment of our life. 

Heart of Tao Resonance Art

Heart of Tao Resonance Art (道心共振塾) was created to share Heart of Tao and Resonance Art with everyone in the world. 

道 (Dou or Tao): The Way, Tao, Great Universal Spirit (God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, etc)

心 (Shin): Heart, Mind, Soul center of your body

共振 (Kyoushin): Resonance of the Universe

塾 (Jyuku): A place to study

Heart of Tao (道心 - Doushin): Heart of Love, Forgiveness, Kindness with Compassion. Heart that wishes for the best for everyone in the whole world and all the being and non-being in the whole universe and beyond. 

Resonance: Everything in the universe is energy and the resonance between energy creates everything in the universe. 

Art: Healing Arts, Performance Arts, Visual Arts, Art of Living and Art of Dying. 

Heal: Heal your body, mind and spirits.

Practice: Practice to maintain holistic wellness in your body, mind and spirit.

Create: Express your being through artistic expressions.  Express your love and compassion through making others' lives better.  Create community of like-hearted people.